Crêpe facts

Bon Appétit Catering in Limerick: Crêpe facts 1.) Are crêpes just a sweet treat?
Non, everyone knows about sweet crêpes, but did you know that Bon Appétit cooks delicious savoury crêpes made of buckwheat flour and stuffed with savoury fillings which make a tasty lunch? This is what we call "galette" in France, a nice change from the boring old sandwich.

2.) Can you get gluten free crêpes?
Bien sûr, our crêpes can be made on request with buckwheat flour which is wheat and gluten free!

3.) Are crêpes always made in advance?
Maybe in other crêperie but not here! All our crêpes are freshly made before your eyes.

4.) Can you take crêpes away?
Oui, you can eat our crêpes on the go with our special crêpe-cone or sit-down and enjoy one here at the Limerick Milk Market.

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